cup with hot drink in the bar
Enjoy your meal!

InBar und Sky-Lounge

How do you like to finish off your day?

Would you prefer single malt or a snazzy cocktail? Shaken or stirred?
Be a guest in our InBar and soak up the unique flair with a chill playlist.
Our barkeepers will gladly take you into the unique world of high-quality spirits, selected long drinks, regional organic wines and local beers.
Good conversations need a good setting - you have found it!

Right next door is our Sky Lounge - for all those who love sports.
Of course, we adjust the opening hours of our InBar to all major sporting events.
For groups of 40 people or more, our InBar can be booked exclusively.

Due to the current corona situation and difficult staff situation, our InBar is temporarily closed.
We ask for your understanding.

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