view of the hotel buildings

Your hosts

We are a little different and we are proud

InHotel Mainfranken, is a unique place for exceptional people hence employees with and without handicap work together hand in hand in all areas.
That is why our house is called "InHotel": We live inclusion.

Our team

Around 30 employees are committed to your well-being every day.

Maybe we are not perfect, but who can claim that?
Each and every one of us is distinguished by his or her own personal strength which makes us a strong team.

Values that are not tangible are very important to us. This results in a natural, cheerful, warm and open-minded mentality, which is perceptible and alive from the first moment.

We look forward to seeing you and hope that we can convince you through our hospitality to become a new admirer.

Your hosts – Carsten Balduf and team

Carsten Balduf

Hotel manager

Phone: +49 9332 5924-400

portrait Angela Endres

Angela Endres

Management assistant | Reception

Phone: +49 9332 5924-402

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